People, I didn't think it could get any worse with the commenting here when I was first complaining about the sea of trolls and people who don't know shit about feminism and need explanations at every turn smothering the discussion. I didn't think I'd need to complain again after I'd voiced my disapproval of Kinja's troll-welcoming system. But now there's someone blaming the shooting on the dead principal who literally gave her life for the students. And it's allowed to stand, it's been there for a full day. If they can deal with more innocuous trolls swiftly, they should have been able to nix that comment earlier.

And in general, instead of acclimatising to the system, commenting seems to become even more onerous with time. Especially with this tragedy. I can't believe some of the callous comments, and it's so upsetting. It's so disheartening to come on here to find news and share, trying to process it, only to be met with a wall of cruelty and viciousness.