The "selective tradition" in literature

I found this (blog) article very interesting, especially because I've been reading about one particular near-miss in Bulgarian literature and wondering how many more are lost forever, here and everywhere else, because of various regimes' censorship (as is the case with the author I've been reading about) or just… » 6/30/14 2:44pm 6/30/14 2:44pm

Facebook doesn't think promoting Nazism violates their community…

I just want to say I took the time to report a bunch of photos of Hitler with swastikas on them, with attached Nazi glorifying commentary, to facebook and got a reply that the photos did not violate their community standards and weren't removed. When I reported a photo for pornography a while ago (and it was really… » 11/18/13 7:11am 11/18/13 7:11am

Disdain for Jane Austen is how you know you're a real literary person

I'm sick of self-appointed literary scholars shitting on Jane Austen. It ruins my Goodreads experience and Goodreads is my favourite thing online these days. It's a new rite of passage - express disdain for Austen to prove your literary credentials! And I'm dead certain if she were a dude they'd be praising her… » 10/25/13 4:17am 10/25/13 4:17am

Personal feelings about the political protests in my country

I'm exhausted. We've been having 8 days of anti-government protests. I've only been to two days because I was out of town before, but I already have huge reservations. I support protesting because our government is ridiculously corrupt, like, cartoonishly so. But the protests have been framed as the voice of the… » 6/22/13 3:46am 6/22/13 3:46am