Has anyone seen Hannah Arendt? I saw it for the second time today. It's brilliant. How often do you see a biographical film about a notable female figure without half of it being specifically about her gender?

I'm arguing with not one, but I think three different people who are trying to convince me that the tradition of women taking their husband's names is not sexist. The tradition itself, not individual women's choice to do so. And when I ask well, what is it then if not sexist, nobody can answer me, instead they double…

Things that people have managed to annoy me with, on facebook, today: humblebragging about their intelligence, being seemingly incapable of talking in the singular anymore now that they have a child, spamming my feed with their insufferable pet projects (militant veganism; militant atheism; smug libertarianism). And…


It seems that among motherhood, rape, weight, misogyny and vaginas, vaginas have won for most effective click-bait. How many articles about vaginas and vulvae can the writers come up with?

How good is Goodfellas? Should I watch it? To clarify: my criteria for a film I should watch are: 1. it's a good film without too much offensive crap (obliviously sexist, racist, cassist, etc.); 2. it's so great that offensive crap can be overlooked.